Why Join


Why Join BNG of  Johnstown?

Business Networking Group (BNG) will help you strengthen both your professional and social networks. We’re a close-knit group that’s always ready to lend a helping hand. Our members have many connections within the business community—and we share those connections to help other BNG members network and grow.

BNG offers you a structured system to give and receive referrals and expand your networking base. And since we allow only one member per business category, you will not be competing against other companies in your industry. BNG will help you succeed by offering a safe, non-competitive venue to build relationships. When you join BNG, you’ll have a wealth of information available to you to help you expand your business. Each of our members is an expert in their respective field. Every week, they bring their expertise to the table and share it with the members of BNG.

Are you ready to grow your business, make valuable connections, meet some new friends and re-connect with the business community? Complete the form below to apply for membership and one of our members will contact you. Or you can call John Riccilli today at 814-659-0880 to reserve your spot. If your business category is open, we will invite you to join us for two meetings at no cost to you. Come experience the Business Networking Group for yourself. We’re positive you’ll see the value of membership!


Only one member belongs to our group from each business category to eliminate internal competition within the group while there are many advantages for collaborating professionals who want to excel in their individual areas of expertise.