"Joining the BNG group is one of the best business decisions our firm has made. Being active in the group has increased our revenue and we have developed lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Time is valuable and the meetings make the most of our time. The members are responsive, helpful, and very knowledgeable in their respective fields. We are extremely impressed with the group."

Patti Hudson , Wessel & Company

"Think of all the marketing you do for your business...Do you have 29 to 36 employees that sell or help your business grow, on a daily basis? When you are a part of BNG, it's like your business just hired 29 to 36 new sales reps that WILL help you grow your business. I have been involved in networking for the better part of 20 years and never have I been as rewarded as I am, belonging to BNG. You will not find a more professional group of business owners and company representatives as you will, by joining BNG! Plus, the friendships I have made over the years will last a lifetime."

John Riccilli, AT&T Universal Account Manager

"I have been a member of the BNG since the first meeting in Johnstown. Being involved in this group has increased my business and given me the opportunity to know other business professionals in the area. The friendships that I have formed are priceless!"

Melissa Grose, Cliptations Salon

"My BNG membership has led to numerous quality, new 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation client and personal relationships. I am amazed that more business people do not take advantage of a BNG membership!"

Don Cowie, CPA, MBA, Financial Planner, AXA Advisors, LLC