"BNG offers small business owners a chance to network with other local professionals to discuss issues and concerns impacting the local economy. It also provides a platform on which strong business relationships can be established. We are all better served when we can help each other grow."

Sue McKool, A-1 Vending Company

“BNG is one of my best marketing expenditures. I’ve realized a return on investment of over 15 times the annual cost of membership. This group has been very profitable for our company.”

Nick Damin, Damin Printing Coompany

“Time is money and as a small business owner, I have to be very careful about how I coordinate my schedule each day. Membership in BNG does take a commitment of time and attention, but it is well worth it. Taking an hour from my schedule to attend the weekly BNG meeting helps me make more money!”

Eda Champanella, CambriArts Advertising

"BNG is a wonderful group of business professionals. The members have many different areas of expertise and they are a reliable resource for unbiased information. It's great to be able to bounce ideas off one another. And I really like the car sales, too! I truly appreciate the referrals I receive...they give me sales opportunities I wouldn't have had without this group."

Alf DiPaola, Laurel Auto Group